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my name is Sam

Hey! I'm Sam, the face behind Alpha Visuals!

I'm currently work full time in the video scene and I love it - and don't think I'll ever stop loving it. Meeting you all and being a part of your wedding is a genuine privilege, thank you for trusting me with your big day!

Read on to hear about what I get up to!

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my life

My life currently is pretty packed! I run Alpha Visuals, doing lots of weddings and growing my commercial video work also! To keep me afloat all year through, I work part time for Legato Creative! Legato is a video production company specialising in Real Estate photo & video! It's definitely not quite as luxurious as filming weddings, but it's consistent! 

This year I've started part time study into the Diploma of Ambulance Practise! I've been doing ambulance shifts as a First Responder for about 2 years now, and am taking the next step into turning it into a career! That's right - I'll be switching across to shift work for St John ambulance at some point, but I'll always do video on the side! 

When I'm not filming or working on an ambulance, you might spot me at a fire! I've been in my local fire brigade for almost 4 years now! I love it - we attend a wide range of calls like, scrub fires, structure fires, car crashes, medicals, rescue calls, and we've even had the classic "cat stuck in a tree" firefighter job!

I think I really enjoy the problem solving skills involved in both Fire and Ambo as well as the adrenaline of the sometimes life-or-death situations we get thrown into! So really, I hope I don't see you out there, because it likely means you're not having a great day!


Me in one of the teams that responded to the Port Hills fire!

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