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frequently asked questions

I've tried to answer all the classic questions you might be thinking! If I didn't quite get yours, get in touch! 


Can I pick the music?

Though I'm sure you'd have some great options, I respectfully reserve the right to pick the piece for your film. The music choice is a huge part of the creative process and can really affect the way I shoot and edit. However, I'm more than happy to take on suggestions.

How long til the film is delivered?

The editing process is a lengthy and time-consuming task, which I take lots of pride in. I truly put my most into the edit and really think "if this was my own film, would I like this?" and I won't settle for less. So, all film packages can expect the delivery in the 8-10 week mark.

How much time do you spend on the day?

Unlike photographers, I don't do set hours of coverage. You pay for a package and that's what you get, whether I need to be there till 8:30pm or 11:30pm to get all I need for the film, I'm flexible! I take a huge influence from the photographers schedule to avoid double shooting, but am happy to go with your flow - no set hours of coverage.

How much is the deposit?

All films require a  non-refundable deposit of $1100.00

This is to dampen any loss if you were to cancel. I didn't always do this, till someone cancelled 3 days before the wedding because they hadn't budgeted properly for me! So now it's a requirement as per many other vendors.

Do you travel? 

Yes! I travel anywhere.

Costs are incurred anywhere outside the greater Christchurch area, which I'm happy to quote for when you get in touch. 

How do you and a photographer work?

You're photographer and I are like a tag team on the day! We are there to make you look awesome and keep it fun and relaxed! I've gotten to know a lot of the local photographers and am super keen to give suggestions.

I often take an approach of letting the photographer run most things as usual then working along side for video specific pieces, but a lot of my work is candid and doesn't require much direction.

TL:DR; I work with any photographer and love meeting new ones! :)

Is the video 4K?

Yes it sure is! I shoot and deliver 4k video, because why not? If I can give that to you, may as well get the highest resolution and future proof your video.

What audio gets overlayed?

I typically only use the vows overlayed in your video. This is because it's something you've prepared to share publicly regardless and often is actually nice things. Some bestmen speeches are brutal, and while the funnest part of the night, I don't want to accidentally edit to a speech that you didn't quite want tainting your big day. Happy to use other pieces of the day and chat further about this if speeches are a "must have" overlay for your highlight film.

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